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stata auto dataset mpg##i. -generate-: create variables. Serial correlation is a frequent problem in the analysis of time series data. This is typically done via either a return (for summary statistics and similar commands) or via ereturn (for estimation commands). Method 1: Histograms To get started, we will use a dataset commonly used in Stata’s help files: the “auto. • A dataset is a collection of several pieces of information called variables (usually arranged by columns). If you are using Stata version 11 or earlier, and you will read in a big dataset, then before reading in your data you must tell Stata to make available enough computer memory for statsmodels. Usage auto Format. 1. dta dataset, give the command lxhuse auto_test. Click on the ‘use’ option in front of the dataset name in the list in order to load it in memory. Best way to transpose from column order to row order. Place any comments Mar 03, 2020 · Re: Export SAS dataset to STATA keeping the formats. U. dta (sysuse auto, clear) Mar 09, 2020 · Stata -loop- Command • Stata -macro- command defines a string of characters or a number, while Stata -loop-command divides these characters or numbers into different elements and uses each element for data construction or analysis. RPubs - Cars Dataset. dta (sysuse auto, clear) Jul 25, 2018 · In this blog, we used the same dataset previously described in the last blog on Survival Data Analysis in Stata as follows. Values between dl and du; 4-du and 4-dl indicate serial correlation cannot be determined. clear. For example, suppose we use the stata sample dataset, auto. It contains information about 1978 cars. Various factors can produce residuals that are correlated with each other, such as an omitted variable or the wrong functional form. dta file, now the auto. Make sure that you've opened RStudio and loaded the auto dataset. dta (1978 Automobile Data) Jun 24, 2016 · As you see, a Stata data set looks a lot like a spreadsheet, only more structured. It serves the purpose of suppressing the output in the Stata window. But regardless, since auto. I'm not sure what you mean by "a dataset with each row . How to Use: Worked Example: I am going to save the auto dataset for use in Stata 12 or 13. Though not entirely Stata-centric, this blog offers many code examples and links to community-contributed pacakges for use in Stata. stata-parquet is MIT-licensed. Make sure the variables are numeric. Normally the use commands loads data from disk into memory. S. To see the values with Stata 14. webuse. This retains the names of the variables. -postfile: opens a new stata. Forgot your password? . Every Stata user has access to it so it is frequently used for examples, as we'll use it today. The sysuse command is a variation of the normal From here you can click the “use” or “describe” buttons to load the dataset and describe them. dta). b. Working with Datasets. Compare the two confidence intervals, why do you see a difference in your estimates? Stata has a suite of very useful commands for importing data sets having other formats. STATA/SE by default assigns 10MB for dataset. We built a logistic regression model with the response variable churning presented as a binary variable with a yes/no response, tested performance and Apr 13, 2021 · Stata schemes are templates that define how graph are drawn. Username or Email. 1 Introduction Stata is a general-purpose statistical software package created in 1985 that o ers users a graphical interface to manage, analyze, and graph data. sysuse auto. dta for the auto dataset for example to use the data. Learn more about bidirectional Unicode characters. In these notes, the words in courier new font are commands that you should type in the command window (or do-file). In fact, different study designs and Jul 19, 2021 · STATA is compatible to import data from various formats, Inclusive of ASCII data formats (such as CSV or databank formats) and spreadsheet formats (including various Excel formats). do file in order to apply the corrections. Survey of Consumer Finances data available in Stata dataset, Stata has a command that gives a good in-depth description of the structure, contents, and [GSW] 1 Introducing Stata—sample session5 values of the variables: the codebook command. dta has been imported into our working space. To see a list of all available example datasets, type sysuse dir. a. note: data note here place note in dataset Replace Parts of Data rename (rep78 foreign) (repairRecord carType) rename one or multiple variables CHANGE COLUMN NAMES recode price (0 / 5000 = 5000) change all Stata Coding Guide. It can as well read and write SAS XPORT format datasets natively, using the fdause and fdasave commands. Here we will use the auto data file. However, importing data from MS excel to STATA is important. */ Use do-file editor to create do-files in Windows. We want to regress MPG (Y) on weight (x) overall and by strata of domestic vs. dta is the most widely used Stata reference dataset, I think it would be useful to clarify its intellectual property status. Researchers commonly estimate regressions with millions of observations derived from multiple datasets. Memory in Stata Version 11 or Earlier As of this writing, Stata is in version 15. rep78 is highly correlated with foreign and 1 other fields. View Course. findit graphlog Step 3: In the window that opens, locate and click to install the graphlog package. As the above scale shows, statistics value between 0 to dl represents positive serial autocorrelation. Step 2: Open Stata and type the following in the console. May 20, 2020 · 13 Apr 2013 17:45 size: Each command's syntax is found in the system help and the reference manuals. We will use auto. e. dtafor Stata) 5) Click on ‘Transfer’ OTR 5. STATA puts a dataset into computer memory (including virtual memory), but it does not automatically use all the memory available in your computer. A major advantage of Stata's menu system is that every command issued in this manner is The sysuse command loads a specified Stata-format dataset that was shipped with Stata. What is Stata? • It is a multi-purpose statistical package to help you explore, summarize and analyze datasets. The sysuse command loads into memory an example dataset from Stata's default directory in your computer's hard drive. To use the menus, 1. Before beginning to work with a dataset, it is a good idea to examine the variable list, storage type and labels. Those blogs can be easily searched with lianxh command in Stata Command Window. If a STATA window is already active, and the data file is in the current working directory, you can load the file realgdp. Make a scatterplot on STATA between the outcome variable (price) and the independent variable (mpg). ” Click OK to confirm this as the time variable. dta and will be applying some tests to this data. rep78#c. Teaching\stata\stata version 13 – SPRING 2015\stata v 13 first session. Research teams frequently include multiple people working at different Tempfile creates a temporary dataset which is valid only in a single execution of commands in do-files or ado-files. csv files), it is easy to access that information from within mata. Jan 23, 2017 · I’ll demonstrate it with an example using the Stata dataset uslifeexp. Always add a space before the double forward slash, otherwise Stata treats them as part of the command and attempts to (unsuccessfully) execute them. Jun 06, 2018 · The easiest way is like the following (using Stata's auto dataset for illustration). It ensures that the do-file will continue to work with future versions of Stata. use auto. 0. quietly tab year. CeMMAP Software Library , ESRC Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (CeMMAP) at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, UK. gear_ratio is highly correlated with weight and 2 other fields. The following is the wrong way to use the double forward slash: sysuse auto, clear//This is a comment incorrectly added. dta”. datasets. The correct way to write the above is: Automobile data from Stata Description. Or, one can consider preserve/restore commands, but preserve command stores only one dataset. In this guide, you will learn how to estimate an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model for a single time series variable in Stata using a practical example to illustrate the process. sysuse auto /* Loading a dataset that comes with Stata*/ reg price c. In Stata, you can create a dataset from scratch. Writing output to the harddrive. If you don't have Stata installed, the example file is available online here: auto. To do so we need to set up a local and a nested loop to collect the desired levels of significance within each model: After running the above command, the “auto_post3. Thus, you have auto-generated Stata code outputting and running its own auto-generated Stata code. . This data, which comes standard in Stata, originally came from the April 1979 issue of Consumer Reports and from the United States Government EPA statistics on fuel consumption; they were compiled and published by Chambers et al. If you have an existing STATA dataset, it is a file with the extension “. The set-up. dta: Most Stata functions, in addition to producing output such as above, return values that are accessible for other Stata commands. If you already know the name of the dataset you want to use, you simply need to type sysuse auto. foreign to complete the following table: Weight Beta (95% CI) Jul 14, 2020 · Display a correlation matrix as a covariance matrix. display r(r) The prefix quietly is optional. If you wanted to work with multiple data-sets, you either needed to merge or append the data sets together if there was a natural connection between them, or be frequently opening and closing data or using preserve and restore to jump between them. • Two types of -loop- commands: – -forvalues- command is for looping over numbers Stata Version 13 – Spring 2015 Illustration: Simple and Multiple Linear Regression …\1. g. do file, and the template executes the temporary . do and the equivalent markstat script. We can see that the dataset contains information about 12 different Dec 02, 2020 · A guide to using Stata for data work. Password. json) Mar 29, 2020 · Let’s use the classic 1978 auto dataset that comes with Stata. sysuse auto * the goal here is to build a table with two-sample mean-comparison tests for price, mpg and headroom by foreign; * if you just want differences to be displayed in the table run: Dec 28, 2016 · For the purpose of understanding this module I will be using auto. Empirical research in economics has grown in importance thanks to improvements in computing power and the increased availability of rich datasets. You can load this dataset using the following command: sysuse auto. set memory, . Improve: Boolean format to/from Stata. pdf from MATH 335 at Colorado School of Mines. R. , variable names and definitions in external files), try typing “help infile” into the command window. dta All Summary Statistics for All Variables. dta. Introduction to Quantitative Methods How to do Stuff in Stata Keyser Söze 1 Contents The Auto Dataset . Here is how we convert our standard auto. xlsx ), the dialog boxes for importation provide a preview of the imported data, making it easier to ensure Load the auto dataset on STATA (command: sysuse auto. The describe command shows you basic information about a Stata data file. dta, clear: Loads a data set from the current directory. dta accessed by webuse auto. To load it, type: sysuse auto. Sometimes datasets have missing values for some variables under some observations. To see the types of data that Stata can import, select “File -> Import”. sysuse auto, clear edited and resubmitted. statsmodels. Stata records missing values in numeric variables as. Prior to Stata 16, one infamous unique aspect of Stata was support for only one data set at a time. Create a 99 percent confidence interval for price and weights for cars and interpret. Mar 29, 2020 · If your ggplot command extends across multiple lines, make sure to end each line (except the final line) with the three forward slash (“///”) line break notation that is used by Stata. Go to the menu bar, click open file, there will be a window for the path search. The other way to Nov 09, 2021 · Note that the Stata code for applying corrections is tricky. Do not use these datasets for analysis purposes. sysuse auto, clear. Nov 05, 2019 · Stata has the ability to load just the variables you need from a Stata dataset with the use command. To use the auto_test. sysuse auto . Saving graphs to use in other applications For this example, I will be using the auto dataset that comes with Stata: sysuse auto Let’s say we are interested in the following regression: regress price mpg trunk It gives us the following output: We want to save the results of the coefficient, standard error, and p-value of the coefficient for the variable mpg. To merge current dataset with a Stata 13 dataset: tempfile tmp preserve use13 "C:\My Data 13\auto. It is very useful for experimenting with commands. Feb 03, 2009 · If you are creating multiple datasets in Stata, you may wish to name them in an automated manner. dta” file is created with the following estimates: Stata includes several example datasets, why can be opened using the sysuse command followed by the name of the dataset. The second rating corresponds to the degree to which the auto is more risky than its price indicates. Extracting the results from regressions in Stata can be a bit cumbersome. Durbin Watson statistic ranges from 0 to 4. In order to select example datasets, click on File and scroll down to example datasets. If you double-click on the file, it will typically open a STATA window and load the datafile into memory. The base URL to the stata datasets. Use STATA dataset auto. Mar 16, 2020 · Example: Box Plots in Stata. sysuse auto //, clear. dta There are generally two ways to get your . dta or . foreign is highly correlated with rep78 and 1 other fields. Some commands auto-matically ignore observations with missing values in variables listed in the command (e. Stata 15 has a putdocx command that can automate the production of Word documents using low-level instructions. pdf from ECONOMICS 2105 at University of Nairobi. For each of these methods, we will use the built-in Stata dataset called auto. Now you are ready to use graphlog. May 25, 2021 · Let’s load the auto. ”. Deprecated. Go to File -> Example Datasets -> “Example Datasets Installed With Stata”. webuse¶. The word ‘Stata’ is a combination of the words ‘statistics’ and ‘data. choose “Change Working Directory…”, or use Stata’s “cd” command. Example2 In the “tsset - Declare dataset to be time-series data” dialog box that opens, choose the variable year from the drop-down options in the text box labeled “Time variable. Compared to this, tempfile is more efficient. A1. Obtain the statistical significance of a correlation using the pwcorr command. dta dataset, run a regression, and try the r2_a command. set maxvar, For this guide, we start by using Stata’s inbuilt 1978 Automobile dataset and describing it using: sysuse auto. When reading a large dataset, you may need to adjust memory size, maximum number of variable, and/or matrix size using the . Aug 29, 2016 · If auto. Name of dataset to fetch. We’ll use a dataset called auto to illustrate how to create and modify boxplots in Stata. xls, which was Stata will not pull p-values like betas or standard errors. They allow the underlying data to be numeric (making logical tests simpler) while also connecting the values to human-understandable text. Selecting example datasets. A variable can have one or several values (information for one or several Use the auto dataset by running the following command in Stata: sysuse auto. 2. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. GlobalEnv: As an option, you can specify the Stata version of the dataset and the environment via version and envir parameters: ## # A tibble: 6 x 12 ## make price mpg rep78 headroom trunk weight length View Problem set I. These “system” datasets are particularly useful to illustrate how certain commands work; in Stata’s official documentation, examples often rely on the “auto” dataset, which contains data on various cars from 1978. Creating a dataset in Stata from scratch . 16 Jan 2020 -1 Mar 2015 - StataCorp provides this manual “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or datasets installed with Stata, and clicking on use beside the auto. This command can be used to save your data in the correct format to be read in Stata 11 or prior, Stata 12 or 13, or Stata 14 onwards. Use the exact same two level name in the PROC FORMAT statement and the FMTLIB statement. To report summary statistics for all the variables in our dataset, we use a familiar outreg2 syntax with a new option of sum(log). // load sysuse auto dataset sysuse auto, clear // set up rcall, clean session and load necessary packages rcall clear // starts with a new instance of R Stata 16 features an enhanced editor that features tab auto-completion for Stata commands and previously typed words Running commands from the do-file To run a command from the do-file, highlight part or all of the command, and then hit Ctrl‑D ( Mac : Shift+Cmd+D) or the “Execute(do)” icon, the rightmost icon on the do-file editor toolbar poLCA using Stata example dataset autos. xlsx”, sheet(“Sheet1”) firstrow: Imports the auto data if it were an excel file. Correcting for Autocorrelation in the residuals using Stata. poLCA_auto_NathanFosse. Choose C:\Program Files\Stata9\, open auto. dta for this article. do that stores sequence of Stata commands. Datasets used in the Stata Documentation were selected to demonstrate the use of Stata. Correlation Matrix We'll use the auto dataset for this tutorial. Stata commands used to specify and estimate a Vector Auto-regression model and generate Impulse Response Functions given a specific Cholesky Ordering. It is also often an excellent treatise of the implemented statistical methods. For example, the auto data set that comes with Stata is also available by running: For example, the auto data set that comes with Stata is also available by running: 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 Price ($) 10203040 Fuel consumption (mpg) Source: Stata 'auto' dataset. jsonio out mpg foreign weight price make if rep78 == 1, w (all) filenm (test. dta) and then load them 5 clear : allows stata to clear the memory (previous data set workrd on In this article we use the 1978 Automobile dataset built into Stata. Select File > Example Datasets. Here, we want to know the number of unique values of the variable year. The dataset presents data on a range of different cars. dta filename. The option clear clears the current dataset from memory. Here’s one step-by-step approach that you might find helpful. It is widely used in social science research. foreach is used to loop through essentially a list of words. Alternatively, we can save a dataset and use it, and erase it. Load the example dataset auto. dta using the sysuse command:. First start the program: Oct 22, 2018 · Figure 1: Critical values of Durbin Watson test for testing autocorrelation in STATA. While there are commands to do the importing (such as import excel file. We imported a csv file into Stata version 15, as described before. sysuse auto, clear We'll create a correlation matrix of four… View Homework Help - Stata Guide. A new window will Sep 30, 2018 · Load webuse and then access any online Stata dataset using the webuse () function. dta by Discover the example datasets included with Stata. Here’s an annotated sample code of how to use graphlog. More Courses ››. Here we use the -generate- command to create a new variable representing population younger than 18 years old. So first, you put the command “webuse auto ” to download data from online to Chapter 2 Frames. Make sure the catalog has the formats. The rows are always represent observations, though it's not always obvious what an "observation" is in a given data set. dta stata data into mata. mpg=3. As highlighted in the output of the regression command, Stata 13 (and I assure you all of the Stata licenses you have owned during the last 10 years) return the Adjusted R Squared. Such a file naming process will 1) prevent you from giving the same filename to two different datasets (assuming they are not created in the same minute 1) Select the current format of the dataset 2) Browse for the dataset 3) Select “ Stata ” or the data format you need 4) It will save the file in the same directory as the original but with the appropriate extension (*. Start by loading the auto dataset, which is included with Stata. dta’ file which is a stata data set. Let’s load one of Stata’s inbuilt datasets to see how histograms are created. In essence, each correction is output as Stata code, into a temporary . We use variables of the census. The online help in Stata describes all Stata commands with their Commands 1 use : will load a data (in Stata format) from your computer 2 webuse : will load a data that is in Stata format and stored online 3 bcuse : will load dataset from the BC server 4 import : used to convert other data types (excel) to stata (. Nov 03, 2021 · displacement is highly correlated with mpg and 4 other fields. Since Stata 8, commands can also be entered using drop-down menus and dialog boxes. Make sure the formats are simple 1-1 mappings. The descriptive information for this dataset is displayed through: describe * use Stata’s dataset auto. Aug 06, 2018 · Stata has the saveold command for just this reason. mpg. 92 People Learned. Oct 30, 2019 · If you make your own Stata programs and loops, you have discovered the wonders of automating output of analyses to tables. rep78. The printed Stata Base Reference Manual provides systematic information about all Stata commands. Serialize all data and metadata for selected variables and observations satisfying a given condition and write the output to disk. (1983). sysuse uslifeexp. We can get a quick summary of the data by using the following command: summarize. A DataFrame containing the Stata dataset. If you are unsure of which variables to load or need to search for the exact variables to load, you can use Stata 16’s use GUI to easily search for variables. 4 The Findit The printed Stata User’s Guide is an introduction into the capabilities and basic concepts of Stata. Click on “Example Datasets…”. Readers are provided links to the example dataset and encouraged to replicate this example. In this case, STATA then estimates only 1 parameter: the coefficient of length. If you do not assign variable names, then STATA will provide default variable names of “v1, v2, v3, etc. License. First, load the data by typing the following into the Command box and clicking Enter: Apr 01, 2020 · We’ll use a built-in dataset called auto to illustrate how to perform hierarchical regression in Stata. High correlation. Copyright 2011-2019 StataCorp LLC. This data can be accessed through the command: sysuse auto. mpg . Stata can also load data sets directly from the web if you give the use command a URL. LEAST-SQUARES ESTIMATION AND LINEAR RESTRICTIONS IN STATA Nov 05, 2016 · Step 2: Open Stata and type the following in the console. The bootstrap command takes care of postfile and postclose, as well as the random Oct 14, 2016 · This post demonstrates how to create new variables, recode existing variables and label variables and values of variables. 1 Cheat Sheet report time series aspects of a dataset xtdescribe Examples use auto. The example below, taken from Stata 15's announcement of putdocx, shows the code in Stata's samplereport. This will assign the named dataset from Stata 15 to the . dta", clear save "`tmp'" restore merge make using `"`tmp'"' You will need to sort data just as you normally merge the datasets that Stata understands natively. Stata 12: Data Analysis 5 The Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin Section 2: The Example Dataset Throughout this document, we will be using a dataset called cars_1993. version 9. Click on use for auto. Here, we will learn how to save work, draw scatterplots, handle dates and times, extract substrings, and encode variables. Load the following dataset into Stata using the sysuse command. Download instructions: click on a file to download it to a local folder on your machine Provides datasets and examples. Dec 02, 2020 · Step 1. Create a 95% confidence interval for price and weight for cars and interpret. In this data set an observation represents a kind of car, but just looking at it you might wonder if it represented individual cars. When we refer to commands in the text, we will use italics. Always returns a DataFrame. Code: sysuse auto quietly pwcorr _all matrix define C = r (C) drop _all svmat double C, names (col) matrix drop C. Raw. import excel “C:\documents\data\auto. dta created in Stata 10 (dta specification 114) to format compatible with Stata 9 (dta specification 113). As you can see, it tells us the number of observations in the file, the number of variables, the names of the variables, and more. May 27, 2020 · The 'auto' data set has been included with Stata for many, many years. dta to do following tasks. The markstat command can achieve equivalent results using Markdown to author the document. Make sure baseurl has trailing forward slash. Let’s use the classic 1978 auto dataset that comes with Stata. Fuel consumption and price 4. See the video below to see how. To run a regression of weight on length of the car with the additional impose restriction in STATA, one needs to write the following command (data can be found by typing: webuse auto, clear ) : reg weight length, noconstant. dta” dataset, which contains information about automobiles. docx Page 12 of 27 II – Simple Linear Regression 1. dta with foreign package. For all examples we use the auto data file included in STATA. dta isn't available under an open license, that's okay, I can create my own custom dataset for unit testing. Stata Code:. Download and return an example dataset from Stata. The first line in the do-file should declare the Stata release under which you wrote the do-file, e. The result of this command is fourfold: The following output appears in the large Results window: . Import a STATA data set Under the STATA directory, there is a ‘auto. sysuse auto, clear twoway (scatter mpg headroom The GitHub folder contains a test dataset and a dofile that replicates the Understanding Stata Help Conventions Type help command This is a typical listing for Stata syntax: Underline An abbreviation, type at least this part Blue You can click this to get more information Italics Do not type exactly, use your own values [Brackets] [This part is not required, you can ignore] Testing interactions using Stata 11/12 (click to see the menu on the left) Example 1. using Stata Version 10 on a Mac. 3. do filename /* to execute a text file . cn. test 2. the tabulate command import data sets with data dictionaries (i. A General Approach for Model Development There are no rules nor single best strategy. First, load the dataset by typing the following into the Command box: sysuse auto. Datasets for Stata User's Guide, Release 8. Datasets were sometimes altered so that a particular feature could be explained. All rights reserved Downloadable! lxhuse provides easy access to a number of Stata-format datasets used in blogs of lianxh. Figure 1 presents a screenshot of Stata after opening the sample ‘Auto’ dataset that is included with Stata and running the describe command. Mar 24, 2020 · This tutorial explains several methods you can use to test for normality among variables in Stata. As always, Stata 13 is 100% compatible with with Stata 15 Cheat Sheet report time series aspects of a dataset xtdescribe Examples use auto. dta data come with Stata as examples. capture log close closes the open log file if we have one and ignores this line if we do not, just to prevent the programs run in the current session from being logged to the last session's log file. It might be argued that the price of a car (variable: price) is determined by its mileage (variable: mpg). dta, and here is the file created in Stata 12: auto. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. This option indicates to Stata that a summary table is sysuse auto, clear load system data (Auto data) for many examples, we use the auto dataset. Sign In. A data frame with 74 rows and 12 variables make Stata Dataset • A Stata dataset is a rectangular arrangement of values, where – rows are observations – columns are variables 4 clear all // describe the current Stata dataset in memory ("master" dataset) describe // create some observations – still no variables set obs 5 // create a variable named x, which has the Let us load the Stata sample dataset auto. Oct 31, 2017 · Example 6. ’ Stata is not an acronym and should not appear will all letters Aug 05, 2019 · Dataset notes; Variable characteristics; ByteArray or FixedLenByteArray with binary data. Once you have loaded data into stata (. (a dot) and missing values in string variables as "" (empty string). Figure 1 shows what this dialog box looks like in Stata. dta dataset without disturbing the original dataset -post: stores another observation in the left open file, the values are specified as arguments -postclose closes the file, saves it and returns the original dataset. In the command pane I type the fo Stata Dataset // dataset is an array of observations (rows) on variables (columns) clear all // describe the current stata dataset in memory ("master" dataset) describe // create some observations -- still no variables set obs 5 // create a variable, x, with all the values equal to 1 generate x = 1 Jul 02, 2015 · R for Stata users (Part 3) In part 1 and part 2, we learned how to use R to load datasets, perform simple manipulations, and conduct linear regression. Data Set Information: This data set consists of three types of entities: (a) the specification of an auto in terms of various characteristics, (b) its assigned insurance risk rating, (c) its normalized losses in use as compared to other cars. The code below demonstrates how to create a filename that is based on the date and timestamp. Click on Example datasets installed with Stata. labeled by the right variable". display price[4] display the 4th observation in price; only works on single values levelsof rep78 display the unique values for rep78 Explore Data duplicates report finds all duplicate values in each variable describe make price display variable type Stata datasets in Mata. I am using Stata’s builtin dataset ‘auto’ for this demo. Stata works with one dataset at a time in memory. stata auto dataset

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